STC's & MCA's

TCAS 2000

Scope of the Supplemental Type Certificates (STC)

The STC TCAS 2000 involves the installation of ACSS's TCAS 2000 system for traffic alert and collision avoidance information to the flight deck in combination with dual Mode-S transponders. The TCAS 2000 system is available for aircraft equipped with stand-alone transponder systems and the PRIMUS II SRZ-85X integrated radio system.

Aircraft and STC-No.

  • Beech B200/B200T/B300, STC-No.: EASA.A.S.C.01017
  • Cessna C650, STC-No.: EASA.IM.A.S.0171
  • Cessna C560, STC-No.: EASA.A.S.00217

The TCAS 2000 System Consists of:

  • one TCAS computer:
    ACSS TCAS computer RT-951, P/N 7517900-55004
  • combined VSI/TRA displays:
    Thales VSI/TRA displays, P/N 457400GB1901
  • one TCAS/XPDR control unit:
    Gables Stand-alone ATC/TCAS CTRL panel P/N G7624-121 or
    Honeywell PRIMUS II ATC/TCAS CTRL, P/N 7012100-835 (part of RMU-850)
  • several system antennas:
    ACSS TCAS directional antenna, P/N 7514081-910 and
    Collins TCAS omni-directional antenna, P/N 237Z-1 and
    Dorne & Margolin XPDR antenna, P/N DM NI70-2
  • dual mode-S transponder system incl. diversity antennas:
    ACSS Stand-alone Mode-S transponder RCZ-852, P/N 7510700-951 or
    Honeywell PRIMUS II Mode-S transponder, P/N 7510700-866/867 (part of RCZ-833E)